İnterlab's interview on special edition of the Turkchem magazine

Interlab's interview on special edition of the Turkchem magazine


Could you please, briefly tell our readers about yourself and your professional background in the industry?

I was born in 1951 in Ankara. I am an Engineer MsC in Chemistry. I also have master’s degrees in Business Administration and Management. After having completed my military service, I started working in this industry in which I have been working for over 30 years.



Could you tell us about Interlab? What are its activities, industries that it serves and its products offered?

Interlab offers a very wide range of products and specializes in consumables and equipment used in the laboratory as well as lab devices. It is Turkey’s largest company in manufacturing glass and plastic as well as in offering employment with its 7 branches spread across Turkey. Of course I will not claim that we are the oldest company in Turkey. I recognize that there are many older companies, however, I can say that we are one of the few most trusted and recognized companies within the industry.

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