Team İNTERLAB Competed Against Other Teams on Game of Colors

The İNTERLAB team took part in the Game of Colors intercompany competition which began on 6th of May and its second round took place on Sunday, May 13.

The İNTERLAB family competing in the categories of Intelligence and Adventure with a total of four teams gave a fierce struggle.

Team İNTERLAB competed in the categories of Intelligence and Adventure with 4 separated groups in a very successful and struggled way.

Here are the names of teams that took part in the competition,


Adventure Category
Team Joje
Team Kromatografi

Intelligence Category
Team Ekstraksiyon
Team Isolab Wertheim


Team ​İNTERLAB, which drew attention with its sub-team names, represents 28 people from different departments from its headquarters such as accounting,  sales,  imports, production, logistics and marketing.

Behind the special sports gear prepared for the teams had the open formula of the serotonin which is the hormone of happiness.

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